The Little Things

One of the jobs I am tasked with is reviewing and responding to all feedback we receive – good or bad. We aren’t perfect (no one is) so on rare occasions we do get some not so great feedback. Of course, I don’t like this and I do what I… Read more »

Mold? Ew, David!

When we hear the word “mold” we immediately want to quote Alexis from Schitt’s Creek – “Ew, David!” (sorry to those who have no idea what I am referring to!). Mold is all around us yet it gets a really bad rap! So when does it go from being a… Read more »

Spring Stories: Tips for You and Your Home!

Spring is in the air! Well, it was last week anyway….not so much today. But I digress. Now is a great time to do a little check-up on that home of yours (a.k.a. your BIGGEST investment) to see if Old Man Winter did any not so nice things to it.… Read more »

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – Even the Impact of the Cold

Pipe bursts. No electricity. Lack of food and clean water. Texas sounds more like a third-world country than a large part of the United States of America. Record-low temperatures and snow slammed the region and left total devastation in its wake. But why is Texas faring so badly when freezing… Read more »

The Ugly Truth About Pipe Bursts

Alexis Golkin, VP Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Suburban VA Ahhhh wintertime…..the snowflakes….the hot cocoa with little tiny marshmallows….the flooding…..wait, what?! Yup, I said it….flooding….inside your house that is. Pipes and super cold temps do not get along, my friends. Which is why when the temperatures start really dropping… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Restoration Should Be Left to a Professional

“Maybe I can do this project myself!” Ah….the words so many of us speak when something happens at our home that requires repair. It may be something small – maybe a little water stain on the ceiling because Junior decided to see if Aquaman could survive being flushed down the… Read more »