Join Our Team!

Step 1 – Find the Right Opportunity for You!

At Paul Davis, there are MANY different directions that you can take to grow your career. We encourage you to check out the list of all of our opportunities at If you are not sure about any position and you want to discuss the opportunities that we have available, feel free to reach out to our Hiring Director at and ask!

Step 2 – Apply for the position of your dreams!

The application process is your first impression with our hiring team and our company so it’s important to make sure that you make a good one! That means that you will need to shine. Our hiring software is BambooHR and it will take you through a series of questions and information that needs to be entered. The most important piece of that information is your RESUME! If your resume does not stand out, you may lose out on an opportunity so it is very important that you learn some tips on what makes a good resume:

  • Make sure that you clearly communicate your skills and career history to how it applies to the position you are applying for
  • Highlight your greatest career achievements and make sure that you note the results you achieved. We are a goal oriented team and want to know what success means to you!
  • If you have had a management or leadership role make sure that you note that. Also note the details regarding how many people you lead, what your role was and make sure it is relative to the position you are applying for
  • If this is your first job and you do not have much work experience, that’s OK! Just be honest about it on your resume and highlight the life or educational experiences that you have an how it relates to the position you are applying for
  • Ensure that your work history is clearly defined from the newest position to the oldest or vice versa
  • Remember – we are hiring you for WHO you are so your resume should reflect that
  • Keep it short! Quality is way more important than quantity

If you are interested in multiple positions, it is completely acceptable to apply for more than one position.

Step 3 – Screening Calls

Prior to the phone screenings you will receive a request for a personality assessment test via email. Please take this quickly and be honest! You will then receive one or more screening calls from our Hiring team as well as potentially the Hiring Manager as well that will eventually be your supervisor if you are chosen for the position. You will not always be expecting these as they are not scheduled calls so after submitting your application, make sure that you are ready to have this conversation with our team.

Step 4 – Interviews

Only the chosen few will get to this point so if you were selected, Congratulations! If not, we try to make sure we provide closure to all candidates during our process but if you do want an update you are welcome to reach out to for an update on where you stand. Please be courteous to our team and only request updates when you haven’t heard back for a while as there are often a lot of candidates we need to review for every position.

Our interview process is a bit unique. You will potentially have four interviews. One will be with our Hiring Team and the Hiring Manager and this will be an in-person interview. This is another critical point in your journey with us! At this point, those individuals will decide if you will move forward in the interview series or if we will thank you for applying but apologize that we don’t believe you are a fit for the position.

These interview tips will help you prepare for this interview:

  • Dress for success. Make sure that you dress for the position you eventually want to be in!
  • Bring copies of your resume. Our team will have them, but it is just good practice.
  • Bring something to write on. You may have to take notes for follow up items and someone once said that successful people “Bring a notebook to every meeting.”
  • Don’t be nervous. I know, it can be tough but remember that you’ve gotten this far so you must have something going for you! Nervousness can cloud our teams judgement of WHO you are so it is important to be honest, be yourself and show us who you really are.
  • Bring Examples. Your work should speak for itself so bring examples to show our team what you are capable of!

If you make it past the first interview, a series of three more will be set up for you. These next interviews will be over the phone or a video chat such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype. You may get a call from each individual that will be interviewing you to set these up so make sure that you answer any calls from unknown numbers during this period! You don’t want to miss the knock on the door of opportunity. The series of interviews will be from someone who is in the same position that you are applying for, someone on the same team but in a different position and someone completely unrelated to your position at our company.

Tips for Preparing for the Interviews and Performing Well

  • All interviews will be looking for how consistent you are with our mission and our values. Loyalty, Integrity, Value and Ease. These all mean different things to us but we look for how you will perform relative to these values both to our customers as well as your team mates.
  • We will also be looking for your experience or your skills in the role that you are applying for. Make sure that you are prepared to demonstrate your ability to perform in the role that you are applying for.
  • Remember – there are two things we are looking for – WHO you are and WHAT you can do with the position you are awarded. Make sure you communicate that to our team!
  • If you are unsure about an interview question, feel free to ask. Just have a conversation. An interview is NOT an interrogation.
  • We encourage you to ask questions and interview us and our company. This is a partnership, we both need to be on board and in agreement.
  • Do not be guarded. Open up, be honest and let us know who you are. If we feel like you are hiding something or something doesn’t seem right you may not be given the opportunity to move forward.
  • Be detailed. Do not just be vague on your answers. Make sure you are detailed, provide examples and walk the interviewer through the experience and the answer to your question to make sure it resonates.
  • Give Feedback. If you think you see something that can be improved. Tell us! You may have a better solution than we have to a problem and I can assure you, that is a great quality to have. Do not be afraid to tell us what YOU think.
  • Practice. Did you take your test for your driver’s license without practicing? Why would you interview without it. Be ready, be prepared and be your best self. You can do this.

Step 5 – The Decision

We hire by Committee at Paul Davis. Once per week our Committee meets to discuss candidates that have completed their interview process and makes the decision on who we will choose for the position. The Committee will review your resume, your personality profile, the interview notes and our scoring system and will vote to determine the best candidate for the position.

If you are selected, first of all – Congratulations! You will receive an offer from our Hiring Team and the Hiring Manager and you should know, that at this point you’ve gained the approval of some of your toughest critics. If you have any questions about your offer, you can always reach out to our Hiring Team!

Thank You and Welcome!

If you were not selected, we encourage you to apply for a different role if it comes up or something piques your interest. No one who is truly successful has ever succeeded without failing first. We look forward to speaking with you again.

If you are selected by our team to join our organization, on behalf of our Leadership Team, our Hiring Committee and our company – Congratulations and welcome to the team!