Disinfection Services for Your Business in Suburban VA

Sanitize the surfaces in your commercial space in Suburban VA with help from the Paul Davis team. COVID-19 is a legitimate threat to public health and we’re doing our part to help you protect your business by offering industry decontamination services. During this national and international pandemic crisis, we’re in an exclusive position to offer the comprehensive cleaning services our community needs to stay safe.

Keeping Your Business Safe

Here are several ways we look out for your welfare in Suburban VA:

  • Utilizing disinfectants and cleaning: At Paul Davis, cleaning is routine and we have the proper equipment to handle viruses, bacteria, microbial growth and other pathogens.
  • Taking the appropriate safety measures: Before we disinfect your building, we will let you know that we’re healthy. We ask you to make sure that you and everyone else is too so that no one is put in harm’s way. Additionally, we wear shoe covers to prevent contaminants from being brought into your building along with using face masks.
  • Offer information: We will offer you information about protecting safety in the workplace. We welcome you to ask questions regarding the pandemic and we will answer according to the most current updates and procedures.

We Take the Necessary Steps for You

Transmission of COVID-19 is quite easy when near an infected person or when you touch your face after being in contact with the virus. The specialists at Paul Davis uphold cleanliness and follow all CDC guidelines to ensure that we keep our customers safe. We frequently use hand sanitizer, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap, disinfect surfaces and keep a safe distance of six feet from others.

Help Us Keep Everyone Secure

If any employees are undergoing indications of a cold or flu, please inform us ahead of time. Paul Davis specializes in sanitizing and disinfecting a wide range of commercial properties throughout the Suburban VA area. You can trust us to get rid of viruses or bacteria from every surface.

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning
COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning